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Bournemouth Best Italian Restaurant ~ La Piccola Italia

Today was my first ever event with ‘Bournemouth Bloggers’ and I was so grateful for them inviting me! I visited La Piccola Italia with the bloggers, a restaurant in Bournemouth, Lansdowne, which I have never been to before. We had a brunch with a variety of different food. I am glad I went because all the food was delicious. All the food had good quality ingredients. As you stepped inside the restaurant, you get this Italian cosy feel, it feels like you are in Italy! The white pillars interior with the blossom flowers gives a great warmth!

All the waiters were so friendly and made the experience such a relaxing place to be.  I definitely recommend anybody who loves Italian traditional food to come here and try their specialities. There is a huge selection of different tastes while with a refreshing taste of Prosecco! I also recommend coming here if you are vegetarian or vegan, because they do offer options for these particular food requirements.

They are a well established restaurant, which has been opened since 1981 and they been going for long time.  This is a great place if your coming with group of friends, work colleagues or family. It is a hidden gem in Bournemouth Lansdowne that I am glad I found!

Here is a set menu that I took a picture of while in the restaurant. There are so many different options to choose from!

There also many pictures that I took while tasting these foods:-

Overall this is a place I will be coming back to with my family in the future as all the food is great value for money! 💖


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